Creating Tezotops

The Tezotop Builder allows a player to create their own block of land within Tezotopia.

It takes 1 UNO, and 2 Artifacts to create a Tezotop.

You'll initiate the creation of your Tezotop Block once you have gone to the Tezotop Builder. Here you're given access to drag and drop, and design the block based on the Artifacts you possess.

In order to create your own Tezotop, you will need to possess a "Ticket to Mint".


Win a Ticket To Mint from a lootbox!

Tezotopian warlords have the opportunity to win blocks of land to increase their holdings and begin earning tokenized resources. A number of Tickets to mint land are distributed daily through lootboxes, allowing players the ability to mint new territories.


Now that you have a ticket, you still need Unobtanium and 2 artifacts to produce the land. A number of stock Artifacts are available in the Tezotop Builder that can be purchased for 0.1 UNO, and initiating the mint of the new block of land will cost creators 1 UNO.


Tickets to mint are transferable NFTs and can be placed on the Tezotopia Marketplace for other individuals to purchase from you. These tickets can then be used by the buyer to mint a new block of land.

If you win your Ticket in a lootbox, you can choose to mint a block of land for long-term yield, or sell it to the community to claim your spoils!


Once you finalize the design of your new block of land by adding artifacts to the surface of it, you will then be allowed to mint the new block of land providing you have a Ticket, and it will be added to the map. The 1 UNO will be burned and taken out of circulation, and from the refinement will be born a new parcel of land that will go directly to your wallet. Immediately, you will begin earning tokenized resources that can be claimed in your Dashboard.

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