Q1 2022

  • Launch Battle Arena Obviously this is a major one on our list, launching battles will bring new eyes to the game, new elements, and a shitload of fun to the ecosystem. We want to do this right, so we’re launching a V1 first, then based on your feedback will work to get a more perfect V2 in the same Quarter.

  • Website / dApp Redesign

    We know the website is a little outdated and the dapp is getting cluttered with sub-navs and tabs; we’re working on cleaning everything up and making it 10x more presentable.

  • Building Manager Yay! Let’s build some Unobtanium Reactors!!!

  • Diplomats PFP Sale Diplomats are more than just PFPs, you can read all about their functions and user cases here; and you can enjoy the preview of them at the start of this section. :-) More details on how to claim yours is coming soon…

  • GIF DAO Governance + Marketplace Discounts unlocked

  • Spies & Diplomat features unlocked These new features will unlock randomized events, notifications, and more p2p interaction outside of the battles.

  • Tezotopia Metaverse expansion

    This one will be a little different/tricky. We’ve been approached by several companies wanting to advertise and have permanent presence in Tezotopia, but we want to avoid mixing advertisements and user-designed blocks within the game; we’re exploring a new option, an expansion of sorts where Tezotopians can go to vacation, play slots, drag race, and just “live” in that’ll be a Las Vegas or Dubai of the Metaverse. More on this later.

Q2 2022

  • Bonkees Revealing Bonkees is our next epic title; on the same grand scale as Tezotopia, we hope to start revealing pieces of Bonkees, the storyline and universe by Q2 2022. And in celebration of the anniversary of the launch of Tezotopia, wish to launch an event where you can claim your Bonkees on May 04, 2022. More details as the planning and coordination of Bonkees continues.

  • P2P Trading Option

    A secure, P2P trading platform for GIF holders is in the works, and we hope to release either late Q1 or early Q2.

  • Three games, one for each resource

    Our greatest concern is running into a bottleneck of volume, where the resources we’ve established in Tezotopia don’t get the utility and the NFTs within the game reach a point of exhaustion, leading to an overall climax and subsequent volume freefall of the game resources and NFTs. How might we be addressing this? By growing the ecosystem of Unobtanium, Minerals, Energy, and Machinery. We have planned three games, at smaller scales, that utilize the three resources of Minerals, Energy, and Machinery. One of those games being Matterlight, the other being Royal Gems (an iOS and Android app candidate), and lastly, an untitled racing game. These will be developed independently, on shorter timelines, and have a smaller link to the blockchain other than claiming the resources earned from playing those games and using them to create other things (i.e. items within the Tezotopia Expansion Metaverse). Again, more details on this ambitious undertaking will follow as we unfold more details in our own planning.

Q3-Q4 2022

I feel like the honest thing to do for Q3 and Q4 is leave these blank, return in Q2 and fill them in as production progresses and we have a more complex view of everything ahead for us.

Once battles are launched, our priority is to improve them based on your feedback, and market the hell out of Tezotopia in different target regions we haven’t reached yet. We are very excited for the future of our growing company, and immensely grateful for the support and enthusiasm you share for what we are creating.

We could not have gotten to this point without any of you, and we hope to continually listen to and be shaped by your feedback to make products YOU want.

We’re inspired daily by the support, the tweets, the sharing of our recent developments and the cheerleading of our products. We’re creating something new, and we’re all in it together.

2022 has all the ingredients to create magical things, we won’t let you down.

To Gifinity and Beyond!

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