Battles will launch December 2021 so this page will be subject to change.

Battles are a turn-based game. Players will be able to use units to fight opponents and win prizes that are contained within Lootboxes.

How to play

Players will eventually be able to use 3 different types of units within battle. See "Battle Units" page for more information.

Players can bring up to 9 different land units to battle in a turn-based skirmish. Player with the better “Wave” rating will get to choose if they strike first, and make the first move or strike last after seeing where their opponent has landed.

Once the first player has moved their troops into positon, the next player will move/strike and so on. A maximum of 20 air units and 20 artillery units will also be allowed during battle.

To begin a battle first lock your units at the battle screen at Tezotopia's webpage. Once you enter match making you deploy your units & begin commanding them. You are presented with 3 options:

  • Move;

  • Attack;

  • Move Boost. You can only use Move boost to move your unit multiple spaces or you can attack / move OR you can attack AND move your unit one space.

Whoever's units are left alive wins a lootbox which contains resources, artifacts, unique NFTs, & Tickets to Mint;

Repairing Units

Units will automatically repair themselves to HALF HEALTH at a rate of 1hp / 30 minutes. After they are repaired to 50% hp you will need Energy (ENR) to repair them fully. You can unlock your units after battle to repair them, or if you wish to use the same team again, you can choose to keep your team locked in and repair before heading back in to matchmaking.

Players will also be able to use glyphstones in battle to assist their units. Glyphstones represent the various available Battle Tactics a player can use during battle. See "Glyphstones" page for all current Glyphstones at time of writing.

At each 100 XP benchmark, your unit qualifies you for a new Glyphstone. You can also earn more Glyphstones by being victorious in battle.

If you are a Block 100 or below land holder you will increase your chances by 25% of getting a much more rare Glyphstone.

There are many battle tactics, Tezotopia will continue to create new ones for the entirety of the life of the game, different and creative tactics will be added allowing Land Units to learn new skills based on their XP.

After the battle ends

At the end of the battle, whether due to surrender or decommissioned units, the victor will receive a loot box that can be claimed in the Tezotopia Marketplace. Once claimed, items from the lootbox will be added to your wallet.

The Winner will also receive +20 XP per unit in battle.

The loser will receive +5 XP per unit in battle (even if decommissioned).

Both sides of the battle will have to repair their units to restore their HP to 100% after the battle.

Lootboxes are randomized but can include $UNO, $GIF, units, battle tactics, and artifacts used to decorate your Tezotops.

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