Spies will be redeemed through lootboxes earned from battles. Spies will also be sold on the primary market from time to time. At this time there are no plans to have a building manufacture this unit type.

These units will set off different triggers based on who is being targeted.

Spies can get caught and found out, unveiling the identity of user who sent the spies and giving them a Casus Belli status–this gives any other user the right to send spies their way without any play penalties, or to directly challenge this player to battle.


Spies have 3 different stats: Tech, Stealth, and Plays.


(ratings from 1-10) indicates how advanced your spy unit is, the higher the tech rating the better your chances of your spy succeeding in its task and defending your domain from spy attacks.


(rating from 1-4) is another modifier that improves your chances of success when initiating a task. Higher stealth rating, allows your spy to be more successful at assassinations and sabotage type tasks.

Your spies are only useful for a certain amount of Plays (amount from 1-4) before they are useless shells of their former self–decorations on your mantle. A spy can hold a maximum of 4 plays, not all spy units are created equally, even if they're named the same thing.

Plays are important as each task costs your spy a certain amount of plays to go about the set task–and there's no guarantee they'll be successful either.

The release rate of 4-play Spy bots will be very low, an average of 6 a year will be released.


Spies can be used to do the following tasks (this list may continue to grow or shrink):

Assassinate Diplomats

Diplomats are representatives of the warlord or landlord that possess them; they are not immune to the luring tactics of spies. Potential results of such task includes the death of a diplomat, the impairment of a diplomat, or the complete evasion of the attempt.

Cost: 4 Plays

Sabotage Production

Destroy an enemies unclaimed resources by sending in your spy to burn up the stores of unclaimed resources sitting there, ready to be burned. Potential results of such task includes the entire unclaimed stockpile being burned, 50% of the stockpile being burned, or the unclaimed stockpile being completely salvaged with no effect.

Cost: 4 Plays

Destroy Buildings

Infiltrate the enemy's Tezotop and set fire to their buildings by detonating a stealth bomb that wipes out a number of buildings in the process. Potential results of such a task includes 3 buildings being destroyed, 1 building being destroyed, or a misfire and your bomb being sniffed out and no buildings being destroyed.

Cost: 4 Plays

Claim 10% of production

Are you a landless warlord and need some Unobtanium to make your dreams come true? Well, this task can get you closer to that fulfillment. You can send a spy into an opponents land to steal their unclaimed resources; the potential results of this task include your spy successfully stealing 10% of the unclaimed supply, or totally failing.

Cost: 3 Plays

Rename an opponents tezotop

The satellites orbiting Tezotopia will soon allow users to display names for their Tezotops aside from just a Block ID. This will give the spies an ample opportunity to hack the Satellite Mainframe and adjust some titles and rename Tezotops of other users. The potential results of this task include either success or failure of renaming the Tezotop. All renaming is subject to a DAO vote to avoid offensive rhetoric.

Cost: 3 plays

Disengage a Unit

Infiltrate a user's barracks and disable one of their units. The choice of this will be randomized, and a unit will be disengaged and need to be repaired to function again in battle. The potential results is your spy gets caught and destroyed or you're successful in disarming a unit.

Cost: 3 Plays

Spy out a Tezotop

Planning the destruction of buildings? Send out spies in advance to a Tezotop to see what available buildings can be destroyed. Your spy will either be caught or you'll return with the necessary intel to start your plans toward bombardment.

Cost: 2 Plays

Shield your Tezotops

Scramble the satellites, and make your Tezotops undefinable to other spies. Spies will not be able to carry out any actions against you for 168 hours.

Cost: 2 Plays

Send a Message

No diplomats? No problem. Send a secure message via a Spy bot that will pop-up in the notifications tab of the user receiving it.

Cost: 1 Play

Mint a diplomat

Send out your spy into the world of Tezotopia, the urban centers, to find an available diplomat in the shadows of a tavern, or the halls of the grand ballrooms–diplomats aren't without a little bribery though, and do want something in return...

Cost: 1 play + 0.05 - 0.25 $UNO (more UNO invested, the higher class of diplomat you are likely to mint).

Defensive Measures

Simple holding a few spies in your inventory, increases your chances of avoiding and defending against such attempts. Your spies will be vigilant and watchful as they cruise through your dominion sniping any malicious attempts. This does not gurantee you'll be successful in stopping enemy spies; you'll have to scramble satellites to do this.

Cost: 0 Plays

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