The Marketplace is split into several different tabs, five of them being in-game assets, some for drops, and another for stats that calculate the latest transactions and monitor the 30-day activity.

The Tezotops are the blocks of land that produce tokenized resources, those being Unobtanium, Minerals, Energy, and Machinery.

You can buy these resources on QuipuSwap.

You will need 0.25 Unobtanium and + 2 Artifacts to mint a new block of land.

See the Token page for more information on buying resources.

Artifacts are decorations with multipliers associated with them that improve the stats of your Tezotops.

You can find Artifacts in the marketplace, you will need at least two of them to create a Tezotop. There will be stock artifacts with no multipliers in the Tezotop Builder itself, but if you want to improve the stats of your Tezotop and produce more resources, it is recommended to get artifacts that have strong multipliers.

Multipliers from Artifacts are additive so your Tezotop production rate makes up 1, and any artifacts on top of that add up.

The maximum multiplier count you can have on a Tezotop per resource is 9.

For example, if you have a 3 MIN artifact on your Tezotop, it will now be producing 4x MIN. This is what is meant when it's said that Artifact multipliers are additive.

Units also find their home in the marketplace.

You will need a minimum of 3 units to do battle, when battles launch in December 2021.

You can sort all items on the marketplace by primary sale or secondary, by simply selecting Possession: Gifdotgames you will only see primary sales.

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