· How do I create my own land?

You need to enter a raffle to win a ticket to be able to mint your own land

· How do I enter the raffle?

To start off you will need 0.5 UNO and 50 ENR.

· Where can I get UNO and ENR?

If you are lucky enough to already own a Tezotop, this will generate resources for you. You can claim these from the main dashboard on Tezotopia. If you do not have a Tezotop, you can purchase resources from quipuswap.

· What is the contract ID for quipuswap?



· Okay I have my resources. What’s next?

UNO and ENR will be locked for 9 days, once you commit to lock you are eligible to enter the raffles.

· When can I enter?

Builder will go live 12th November 2021. Raffles will run 3 times a day and will be on a time limit.

· How many times can I enter?

As long as you have enough UNO and ENR, you can enter as many times as you like.

· How will a winner be chosen?

Smart Contract will randomly selects a winner from each lottery

· I didn’t win a ticket, can I claim my resources back?

Yes, you will be able to retrieve your mint combo back.

· I have won a ticket to mint land. What happens to my UNO?

Your mint combo will be taken by smart contract where 0.25 of your UNO will be burned, and the other 0.25 will be added to a wallet that will handle prizes for lootboxes along with the 50 ENR.

· I have my ticket, and I’m ready to build. What are the requirements?

You will need a minimum of 2 artifacts, a maximum of 8.

· Where can I get artifacts?

Artifacts are available to purchase on the Tezotopia Marketplace. There will also be stock artifacts available to purchase on the builder itself.

· Is there a limit to the resources I can generate on my Tezotop?

Yes. If your modifiers on resources (UNO, ENR, MCH and MIN) exceed a multiplier of 9, you will not be able to mint your Tezotop.

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