Glossary of Terms



Accuracy increases the chance of a Critical Hit against enemy troops as well as giving the unit a larger attack reach across the battlefield.

Air Units

Provide Land units support in battle, dependent on the type of air unit, it can increase your defense or attack modifications during a skirmish. Air units provide Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Speed modifiers needed to succeed in battle.


Decorations for your block, as well as providing modifiers for your Tezotop. Not all artifacts provide modifiers, but the ones that do help make your Tezotop more valuable.

Artillery Units

Support Land units during battle, artillery is effective in providing defense from above. A cheaper alternative when building a defense shield against attacking air forces. Artillery units provide Attack, Defense, and Accuracy modifiers in battle.


Attack points increase the likelihood of a positive outcome when the unit is on the attack.



Turn-based game. Use units to fight opponents and win prizes.



Ranging from lore items to battle tactics, They are used to flesh out the history of tezotopia from a prior age.



Defense points decrease the likelihood of damage incurred during an attack, and improve the chances of a counter-attack.


Avatars and representatives of your dominion, whether Warlord or Landlord.



Natural resource. Harnessed from geysers located underneath Tezotops. Energy is needed for most production tasks, including the creation of new buildings, production of Machinery, combat, and in the terraforming process of developing new Tezotops. Stored at a rate of 0.375/hour on Tezotops. Also known as ENR.

Experience Points

Experience points open up units to more Battle Tactics. The higher the XP of a unit, the more eligible it becomes for more intense and creative battle tactics.



A type of collectible. Represent the various available Battle Tactics a player can use during battle


Hit Points

Hit points for each unit vary based on how much damage a unit can take. The higher the HP, the more damage it can take.


Land Units

Main unit used in battles.


A prize for winning a battle. Will hold rewards such as Artifacts, Uno and collectibles.



Produced by combining Energy and Minerals through a starbase. The Starbase uses 0.125 of Energy and 0.125 of Minerals to produce 0.125 of Machinery per hour. Main use is to create units and buildings. Also known as MCH.

Map Explorer

A place to see all current minted Tezotops.


A place to buy Tezotops, Units, Artifacts and Collectibles.


Natural resource. Minerals are used for the construction of buildings and the production of Machinery. Minerals are a vital building block to advancing your Tezotop. Produced at a rate of 0.25/hour. Also known as MIN.


Non-battle units

Units used on the map explorer to trigger events.



A way to obtain artifacts, units and collectibles fairly for all players from the marketplace.



These units will set off different triggers based on who is being targeted. Redeemable through lootboxes earned from battles.


A building generated on a Tezotop. Uses 0.25 of Energy and 0.25 of Minerals to produce 0.25 of Machinery per hour.


Ticket to Mint

Needed to build your own Tezotop. Obtained through a lottery system similar to Raffletopia. 0.5 Uno and 50 ENR is required to enter.


block of land that produce tokenized resources, those being Unobtanium, Minerals, Energy, and Machinery



Used in battles. Battle units are classified in three groups: Air, Land, Artillery.


Natural resource. The rarest and most valuable material on Tezotopia, an anti-gravity material that gets stronger by absorbing and converting heat and pressure into energy. It is the necessary component needed to create new Tezotops. It is produced at a rate of 0.00025/hour. Also known as UNO.



Before the battle begins, the player with the lower wave number gets to move first. Lower waves also have higher mobility and can travel across the battlefield map faster.



The Governance token of GIF.GAMES

$GIF Token Staking tiers

Different rewards for amount of $GIF held.

$GIF Governance

15 day lock of 5000 tokens. Become an influencer of decisions in the Gif.Games ecosystem.

$GIF Discounts

30 day lock of 25000 tokens. Get 3% discounts on all primary sales in any of our marketplaces.

$GIF Revenue Share

45 day lock of 100,000 tokens. The more you stake, the more you make. 3% of all market sales go in to a revenue share pool that will get distributed to stakers of this tier.

$GIF Early Access

45 day lock of 100,000 tokens. Be the first in line. Beta test and get early access to new game titles and new features in our current games.

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