At the time of writing, the following is a list of Glyphstones that may be used in battle:

Lightning Strike

Increases Attack Modifier by +3 for 2 attack phases

Plasma Shield

Decrease damage inflicted by attacker by 10% for 2 attack phases

Regenerative orbit

Increases all units HP by +2


Used when on Defense; steals first attack advantage making it Your Turn to attack

Evasion Awareness

Increases the chance by 30% of a failed air strike for 2 Turns


Increase likelihood of Critical Hit by 30% for 3 attack phases

Chain Attack

Units get 3 attack phases each for 2 turns; making them incredibly deadly.

Catoshi Stone

+3 HP For All Units On Battlefield


While on defense, all attacks will be deflected and inflict corresponding damage on the attacking unit for 1 round.

Glyphstones can be purchased from the Marketplace.

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