About 3000 Years after the first BONKEE harvester robots were sent to the planet Lorekin and 2000 years after the Tezotopians left the Infinite Continents, the faint memory of Unobtanium remained within the bloodlines of those that became known as Matterlights…

Archetype individuals with special abilities formed factions in the dystopian landscape of Metzopia, the largest city in all of Lorekin–the landing site of the first Tezotopian exodus. These Matterlights, individuals with Unobtanium in their blood, became the guardians of Unobtanium, protecting sectors of property within Metzopia and waging war amongst themselves in an effort to obtain more Unobtanium.

The Matterlights discovered they could convert UNO into Lightforce, which powers their special abilities and keeps their armies strong during battle.

There are 14 different Matterlights, each carrying their own special abilities and traits, which are as follows:

Stonewalls [LEGENDARY] (Defender)

A large stone creature, with volcanic energy that summons layers of molten rock to increase the defenses of its allied Matterlights.

+1 Defense for all active cards on table

Medusa [EPIC] (Attacker)

Shedragon entity with steel tentacles stemming from her skull to blitz the enemies of her allies. A rapid force giving her allies the advantage to inflict more damage.

+1 Attack for all active cards on table

Bohemoth [COMMON] (Avenger)

A titan that wields a large warhammer of vengeance, always at his side, the warhammer swings one last blow before removing him from the battle arena.

Before dying deal 1 damage to enemy hero

White Guard [COMMON] (Scout)

The most basic Matterlight with the ability to deal damage with a swiping electric shock. The scout shoots bolts of lightning from their fists.

Deals damage

Paladin [RARE] (Healer)

Using their energy to heal allies in battle while inflicting damage. The Paladin wears an epic armor set and has glowing eyes, from where their healing powers come from.

Heals all active cards equal to the amount of damage done.

Archer [RARE] (Ranger)

Stealthy sniper. Cloak of invisibility allows for them to be mostly translucent–before you spot them on the battlefield, it’s far too late.

Deal 1 damage to enemy hero when dealing the card

Infanta [RARE] (Maid)

The interceptor of Matter, the Matter Maid is a large buddha of an individual that holds enough energy to not only produce matter, but steal it.

Steal up to 2 Matter from Enemy Hero when card is dealt

Bandito [RARE] (Avenger)

Dressed as a futuristic Zorro, the avenger finds their power from defeat, striking one final deathblow against an opposing warrior.

Destroy a random card when card is destroyed.

Geisha [EPIC] (Assassin)

Beautiful mistress with a sinister dark side, the Geisha plays with the hearts of her enemies–quite literally.

Destroy a random enemy card on the table.

Cyclone [LEGENDARY] (Cleaner)

A whirlwind of energy, sweeping the entire battle arena with his presence, the Cyclone wave his hand and the entire earth shakes.

Deal damage to all enemy cards on the table when dealt.

Slasher [COMMON] (Scout)

Foot soldier of Energy, attacking his enemies with a saber of pure energy. Dressed in all black, the Guardian carries out his attacks in the shadows.

Deal 2 damage to enemy card

Wizard [EPIC] (Defender)

High lord and magician, this miracle worker carries a staff of kinetic magnetism that shape shifts and holds all the secrets of longevity within it.

Add 10 defense to a random active card

Secretariat [RARE] (Defender)

Defender of their lord and heroes, the Secretariat Guards, use their energy shield to protect their masters from any onslaught.

Add 3 shield to the hero when played.

Watchman [COMMON] (Reinforcer)

A mathematician, sculptor of odds and dedicated engineer, the watchman has his eye on the future.

Draw 1 extra card when played

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