When you enter the Marketplace, you’ll see a new tab “Raffletopia”; this tab will include all types of assets from Tezotops to Collectibles that are being raffled at the moment. You can explore which raffle you want to enter and join as many raffles as you have Tezos for.

Units, Artifacts, and Collectibles will typically come in bulks. For example, if there are 20 Tz Heavys being raffled, they’ll be displayed in a single card; and 20 different participants will win one each.

In Raffletopia you cannot win multiple times of the same item.

Tezotops will be single editions and single winners.

Entering a raffle

To enter a raffle, you’ll click through the card and see the familiar statistics modal pop up with a large “Enter Raffle” button on the lower-right.

You’ll be required to lock in the full amount of the cost in Tezos to enter the raffle. This will enter your Wallet Address into the drawing, securing your spot in the raffle.

Once the time expires and the raffle is over this modal will change and display a “Did I win?” button where you can get a list of winners and see if you won.

Selecting the winners

Once the raffle ends, anyone can hit "Did I Win?" button. Then the smart contract will randomly choose the winners.

Raffle results

If you win, your wallet address will show up in the list below and you can claim your prize by hitting “Claim”

If you lose, your Tezos balance will update on the Raffletopia tab and you can reclaim your Tezos back into your wallet.

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