$GIF Staking

$GIF is The Governance token of GIF.GAMES. By holding $GIF, there will be different rewards depending on the amount you hold. This is known as Staking Tiers.

The staking tiers are as follows:

$GIF Governance

15 day lock of 5000 tokens. Become an influencer of decisions in the Gif.Games ecosystem. Create proposals and vote on changes on current titles.

No penalties to unstake this tier.

$GIF Discounts

30 day lock of 25000 tokens. Get 3% discounts on all primary sales in any of our marketplaces.

No penalties to unstake this tier.

$GIF Revenue Share

45 day lock of 100,000 tokens. The more you stake, the more you make. 3% of all market sales go into a revenue share pool that will get distributed to stakers of this tier.

Earning starts on start of staking based on percentage of pool you have

You can unstake and add more at any time.

The clock will only reset if you unstake below 100,000.

There will be penalties for unstaking at different times:

Before 15 days: 40% penalty

Between 15-30 days: 10% penalty

Between 30-45 days: 5% penalty

After 45 days, you can unstake at no penalty BUT if you go below 100,000, you will reset the penalty clock.

$GIF Early Access

45 day lock of 100,000 tokens. Be the first in line. Beta test and get early access to new game titles and new features in our current games.

GIF token staking for Marketplace Discounts, Early Access & Revenue Share will go live Q4 2021

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