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The main token for is $GIF. Please see Staking for more information on $GIF.

In-Game Resources

Unobtanium (UNO)

The rarest and most valuable material on Tezotopia. It is produced at a rate of 0.00025/hour. The max supply of UNO will be 333,333. The initial circulating supply is 3,333. UNO is deflationary. 0.25 UNO is burned each time a new block is minted on Tezotopia. $999,999 Market Cap at launch.

Energy (ENR)

A natural resource in Tezotopia. Harnessed from geysers located underneath Tezotops. Energy is needed for most production tasks, including the creation of new buildings, production of Machinery, combat, and in the terraforming process of developing new Tezotops. Stored at a rate of 0.375/hour on Tezotops. Use your ENR to repair battle units.
The equation for the cost of repairing your battle unit is below:
(5 * HP) * DEF = ENR Amount needed to Repair Unit

Machinery (MCH)

Produced by combining Energy and Minerals through a Starbase in Tezotopia. The Starbase uses 0.125 of Energy and 0.125 of Minerals to produce 0.125 of Machinery per hour. Main use is to create battle units and buildings.

Mineral (MIN)

A natural resource In Tezotopia. Minerals are used for the construction of buildings and the production of Machinery. Minerals are a vital building block to advancing your Tezotop. Produced at a rate of 0.25/hour.

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All of the above tokens can be purchased from


Contract - KT1XTxpQvo7oRCqp85LikEZgAZ22uDxhbWJv
Token ID - 0


Contract - KT1ErKVqEhG9jxXgUG2KGLW3bNM7zXHX8SDF_0
Token ID - 0


Contract - KT1ErKVqEhG9jxXgUG2KGLW3bNM7zXHX8SDF
Token ID - 1


Contract - KT1ErKVqEhG9jxXgUG2KGLW3bNM7zXHX8SDF
Token ID - 2


Contract - KT1ErKVqEhG9jxXgUG2KGLW3bNM7zXHX8SDF
Token ID - 3