Battle Units

Battle units are classified in three groups:

  • Air

  • Land

  • Artillery

Air Units

Air Support Air units provide Land units support in battle, dependent on the type of air unit, it can increase your defense or attack modifications during a skirmish.

Air units provide Attack, Defense, Accuracy, and Speed modifiers needed to succeed in battle.

You can bring a maximum of 20 air support units to battle. Air support units can incur damage, especially if your opponent is also bringing Air support and Artillery units.

Artillery Units

Artillery Support are similar to Air units. Artillery supports Land units during battle. Artillery is effective in providing defense from above. A cheaper alternative when building a defense shield against attacking air forces.

Artillery units provide Attack, Defense, and Accuracy modifiers in battle.

You can bring a maximum of 20 artillery units to battle. Artillery units incur damage from land, air, and other artillery units during battle.

Land Units

The main units during battle are Land units.

The following are the statistics each Land unit NFT holds:

Hit Points

Hit points for each unit vary based on how much damage a unit can take. The higher the HP, the more damage it can take.


Before the battle begins, the player with the lower wave number gets to move first. Higher wave number units will deploy on the map first, however players with a lower wave number will have the choice of when to deploy their lower wave unit. For example, wave 3 units will deploy first, but a player with a wave 1 unit can choose to deploy their unit on the first round, or wait until round 2 or 3 to deploy.


Accuracy increases the chance of a Critical Hit against enemy troops as well as giving the unit a larger attack reach across the battlefield.

Attack points

Attack points increase the likelihood of a positive outcome when the unit is on the attack.

Defence points

Defense points decrease the likelihood of damage incurred during an attack, and improve the chances of a counter-attack.

Experience points

Experience points open up units to more Battle Tactics. The higher the XP of a unit, the more eligible it becomes for more intense and creative battle tactics.

Battle units can be purchased from the Marketplace.

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