FCFS Drops

When entering the Marketplace, you will see a new tab “Drops”; this tab will include all types of assets from Artifacts to Units that are on sale on a First Come First Served basis. Drops will typically happen one at a time and you can buy as many assets as you have Tezos for within the timeframe of the Drop. Owners of a Ticket to Mint Land will be whitelisted for Drops for the first 10 minutes, thereafter Drops will be opened to the general public until they are sold out. Drops will ne announced at least 24 hours in advance.

Participating in Drops

If you are a Ticket holder you’ll click through the card and see the familiar statistics modal pop up with a large “Buy Early” button below the asset you wish to purchase. You will need to have the full amount of the cost of the asset in Tezos within your wallet to enter the Drop. You can buy as many assets of that particular Drop as long as you have the Tezos to cover it. You may only purchase 1 item per block time however.

After the first three minutes are over and if there are still assets for sale, those without a Ticket will be able to participate by clicking the “buy” button.

FCFS will include a captcha system each time a purchase is initiated to deter bot sniping

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